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Used iPhones continue to top the charts as one of the most popular resold phones. The resale value for used cell phones on the secondary market are not in competition with contract-subsidized prices, but they are in fact competing with the “full” price of the device unsubsidized. So after your 2 years your iPhone will have depreciated from  approximately $700, not from the $300 you actually paid for it when you signed the cell phone contract at the wireless store. Hence you can get more money for it when you sell your used iPhone, helping to reduce your net cost for a new iPhone with contract or maybe some extra pocket cash.

All of the prices listed on this page are fair market value for a device whose display and housing condition is moderately worn, and whose functionality works perfectly. These values are based on the average selling price of the used phone on various online auction sites. They are also the true fair value of the phones which is a higher price than most buyback website are wiling to offer you. However, you can sell your phone for the prices listed below directly on Ebay yourself. Check out my guide on how to sell your used cell phone. 

Note: The prices listed below will be updated once every few days.

When I sell my phone, I usually aim for higher prices than what are listed below. However, it is nice to know the average selling price ahead of time. This is the same for the other side of the equation too, if you are buying a used phone. You should know what the device is actually worth before you fork over the cash for it. There are also a few other ways to determine the value of your phone.

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