Top 5 Websites To Trade In Your Used iPhone

Yesterday was a big day for Apple, the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s went on sale at retail and online stores around most of the world. Every Apple store had long lines of customers hoping to get their hands on Apple’s newest product in the mobile phone arena. The line at Apple’s 5th Avenue NYC flagship store was 1,417 people long yesterday morning, according to Apple analyst Gene Munster, which is 83 percent longer than the iPhone 5 line at the same time. Apple’s new features including an improved camera, finger print security, and faster processing speeds has been the most anticipated iPhone to-date. Check out our favorite features of the new iPhone.

In the next few weeks, consumers will continue to flood Apple stores to buy the new iPhone, many of which will no longer have have use for their previous iPhone. Many people will sell their older iPhones on Craigslist and eBay, however a majority will trade-in their used phone for cash to an online website. Sure, trading in used technology isn’t as lucrative as selling it on eBay or Craigslist, but it’s a lot less of a hassle.

I am going to compare the top five websites that offer buyback deals to see which websites offer the most money. Since you may be upgrading from last year’s iPhone or an iPhone from several years ago, I will show you the current cash offers for every iPhone that has ever been made by Apple. The iPhone is available on a variety of wireless service providers, however I will only be comparing the black AT&T 16 GB models because AT&T has been the only service available for every iPhone since 2007 . I expect that the cash offers for the other wireless carriers will be very similar in price. Also, I will be using the “good” condition for this comparison which I believe applies to a majority of iPhone owners. Good condition means that there are normal signs of use and your iPhone is in great working order with some minor cosmetic signs of wear. Your iPhone has no cracks or missing buttons (power, home, ringer, and/or volume).

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For this comparison, I will be using,,,, and Amazon doesn’t offer cash back, they offer a gift card for their website. All of the other websites will send you a check or PayPal payment. While this guide won’t tell you exactly what you will get from each of these services, it will help you decide which website will offer you the most money. These offers are as of Saturday, September 21st, 2013 and they will all most likely change from day to day as supply and demand fluctuates.

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In conclusion of this survey, I have found that Amazon consistently offers the most value for a used iPhone. However, keep in mind that Amazon sends a giftcard to use on instead of a check. If you want to receive cash from a check or PayPal, is offering the most value at the moment. Don’t forget, the sooner you sell your phone, the more cash back you will get. Newer phones that are in excellent condition will provide the most value.


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  1. DO NOT SELL TO TECHNOLLO! WORST customer service Ive ever had! I was told an amount that I would receive on my iPhone, several weeks later I call them and ask where my money is and if they had received my package and they said they sent me several emails stating I was only going to get $5 ( instead of what they originally offered) and I need to accept or deny. When I told them I didn't get ANY emails they said I should of checked my "SPAM" folder because sometimes they go there. Not only were they not helpful, they offered $60 LESS than what I was quoted and wouldn't return my phone because it had been 2 weeks. They will NOT give me my phone back, they were rude. NEVER again will I sell to them or recommend them ! Do not make the same mistake

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