4 Reasons To Unlock Your Phone

Most people don’t realize that their phone is locked to their wireless carrier. This means that the phone technically has the capabilities to work with other wireless carriers, but until it is unlocked, it is limited to [Read more…]

Are You Eligible For A Phone Upgrade From Your Wireless Provider? Sell it!

Most wireless subscribers are due for a discounted cell phone upgrade once every two years. However, not everyone has the desire to upgrade their cellular device. Some consumers are perfectly fine with the older model device that they own and don’t need all of the latest bells and whistles that the newer cell phones offer. For example, I have [Read more…]

How To Erase All Content And Factory Reset Android Devices

If you are going to sell your used Android phone you should erase all of your private data and restore it to the original factory settings. You should also do this if you bought a used phone that still has the previous owner’s information. You can wipe the data on both used Android cell phones and tablets. Additionally, your phone may be operating very slowly and you’ll want delete all the unnecessary data that is bogging it down.

The important thing here is that you don’t want [Read more…]

Insure Your Cell Phone With A SquareTrade Warranty

Cell phones have become one of the most used gadgets by consumers; in the US just about every person you interact with has a cell phone. More recently, owning a high-end and expensive cell phone that has the newest technology has become the norm. If you aren’t carrying an iPhone or the newest Android device, you are behind.

We buy the best phones that can accomplish almost everything that our computers can, and we use them for work to playing entertaining games. However, these phones can be pricey and we pay for them in our expensive monthly wireless bills which most of us are required to pay for at least 24 months per contract. But what happens when your brand new iPhone breaks, is stolen, or is lost? I’m not referring to lost in your couch, I’m talking about lost as in you left it on the bus to work and will probably never see it again.

When you buy a new cell phone and extend your wireless contract, you only have to pay a reduced subsidized price for your cell phone. However, to buy a replacement cellphone outright, it can very expensive. Almost all smartphones are several hundred dollars, some close to a thousand. I personally don’t [Read more…]

The Complete Guide to Selling Your Used Cell Phone

Upgrading Your Cell Phone

Most consumers in the US upgrade to a new cell phone once every year two years. Although most of us don’t need and won’t use the latest in mobile technology, a majority of subscribers will purchase the newest iPhone or Google phone as soon as they are eligible for an upgrade from their mobile service provider.

When your contract is up (usually 2 years), you are eligible for “upgrade pricing” on a new phone. Upgrade pricing is the price that is shown when you look at the mobile service provider’s web site and the price is in big letters. The price of the new phone will vary from “Free” to over $200, depending on what phone you choose to get. If you upgrade your phone, you will be required to sign a new contract to get that pricing (generally 2 years).

The reason for the contract is that the phone company is paying part (or all, in the case of a “Free” phone) of the price of the phone in exchange for “locking” you into your current plan for the next 2 years. Part of every bill you are paying goes to that cost of the phone. If you are using your phone “out of contract” the phone companies LOVE it, because [Read more…]