Buying A Used Phone From Ebay Versus Gazelle

In 2014, Gazelle opened a store where you can buy certified pre-owned cell phones and tablets. You can now buy gently used devices directly from Gazelle without any contracts from a wireless provider. Gazelle performs a 30-point quality inspection on every device and provides a 30-day return policy. Many consumers must be wondering, should I buy a used mobile device from Gazelle or Ebay?


Buying From Ebay

The great thing about Ebay is that you can ask the original owner questions and can see real pictures of the actual device you are buying. Additionally, you can find devices that come with all of their original boxing and cables. There is the possibility of fraud on Ebay if you’re not careful; however, you can use PayPal to buy a device from Ebay. PayPal offers a Purchase Protection Policy. You should also keep in mind that some sellers on Ebay won’t have a return policy. If this is the case, make sure you plan on keeping the phone. Keep a look out for free shipping deals on Ebay which are common, versus Gazelle which will charge you to ship a phone from their store.

Buying From Gazelle

Gazelle is a company that relies on customer service; therefore you don’t have to worry about fraud. Their inspection will make you feel better about the reliability of the phone you are buying, and if something goes wrong, they have a return policy. One limitation to Gazelle’s store is that they currently only offer used iPhones, iPads, and Galaxy devices. If you’re looking to buy a used phone or tablet outside of this selection, you’ll have to look elsewhere. While searching throughout Gazelle’s devices for sale, you can filter by wireless carrier. Then when you select the device, you can see if Gazelle considers the phone’s condition as “good” or “like new”. Gazelle’s definition of Certified Good is “The screen is very good. There may be scuffs and scratches on the side or back. It’s nothing that a cover can’t hide.” The Certified Like New requirements are “You’d never know it was pre-owned. Looks like it came right out of the original box.” They should add the option to filter their view of all devices by “like new” or “good” so you don’t have to click on each individual device to see the condition. Gazelle ships all of their devices with a USB cable and charger.

Which Is The Best Deal

You can find slightly better prices on Ebay because there are more sellers on the marketplace versus Gazelle. However, if you’re going to shop on Ebay you’ll have to investigate the seller and listing to make sure you won’t get ripped off. Gazelle provides a less risky sale if you’re not comfortable using Ebay. Gazelle Certified offers a good value to buyers with big savings over buying on a contract, a known seller and a return policy that lets users test the device, see the condition and buy with confidence.

On April 11th, 2015, the average price of an iPhone 5S 16Gb (Verizon) is $299 on Ebay versus $309 from Gazelle.


How To Protect Yourself As A Seller On Ebay

There are a lot of jerks who spend their time scamming inexperienced sellers who have valuable items listed on Ebay. Unfortunately, cell phones are high value and high volume items on Ebay, which makes them an easy target. However, if you follow these tips you can increase your chances of avoiding fraud. [Read more…]

Ebay Valet Selling Service

Ebay has a selling service for members, where you can use a valet to sell your used mobile devices. The service is supposed to make it easier for you to sell your used cell phones and tablets. Valets research listings for items like yours on eBay and are considered professional Ebay sellers. They look at items that have sold within the last 90 days. Based on this research, valets determine how to best list your items, including how to price them. Items are given multiple chances to sell on eBay for up to 2 weeks. When items are relisted, Valets reduce the price to increase the chances of selling. This sounds very similar to the “Sell It on Ebay” brick and mortar stores you see around town or in the movie The 40 Year Old Virgin. However, this is the Ebay branded version. [Read more…]

Find Your Smartphone’s Fair Market Price With Swappa

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The challenge is to to sell your phone or tablet for as much money as you can, while the buyer is trying to get the best deal they can. In previous articles, I have reviewed tools provided by Movaluate and Ebay to determine your device’s market value. Now, there is a third tool that is useful and you can find it on [Read more…]

Avoid Ebay Scams

After many years of using Ebay, I’ve experienced or witnessed friends fall victim to the occasional chargeback, fake bidder, and fraud attempts. If you are buying and selling mobile devices on Ebay, you are at risk of being scammed. Cell phones and tablets are valuable and as a result there are people out there that will try to rip you off. As a buyer, remember… If it is seems too good to be true, it probably is. Use your best judgement and always [Read more…]

Selling Your Phone Online? Compare The Fees From Ebay, Amazon, Swappa, and Glyde

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How To Build A Website For Your Used Cell Phone Business

In a previous article, wrote a guide on how to make a living buying and selling used cell phones. Yes, it is possible to earn a full-time salary from flipping phones. If you’re less ambitious, you can still earn some side income from flipping used cell phones.

You can find great deals to buy and sell phones on Ebay, Craigslist, and Swappa. These three sources will create the best arbitrage opportunities for your business. However, at some point you may want to open up to new markets and increase your sales.

Many businesses already do this. For example, look at some of the top online buyback websites such as Gazelle, Technollo, and BuybackWorld. These businesses are setup to offer consumers cash for their used cell phones. The consumer mails in their phone, and the business sends them a check after they inspect it.

Building a website allows you to expand your brand and gain trust as well as online recognition. Even if you are still conducting most of your business on eBay and Craigslist, by labeling your ads with your brand name and a website, consumers are more likely to trust you. Lets face it, a stranger on Craigslist will be more comfortable selling you their cell phone and meeting up with you if you have a website explaining who you are and your services. This guide is meant for [Read more…]

Search Ebay’s Ended Auctions To Determine Your Phone’s Value

When selling a used cell phone or tablet, it is important to know the fair value price of your device. This simply means that you want to determine what your device is worth on the buyers market and how much cash someone is willing to give you in exchange.

Buying and selling used cell phones is almost like a game. As a seller, you want to sell your mobile device for as much cash as you can. And on the other side of the transaction, the buyer wants to buy your mobile device for as little as possible. In order for a deal to be completed, both sides will have to meet somewhere in the middle.

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How I Sold My Girlfriend’s Water Damaged iPhone 4 On eBay

My girlfriend recently found an older iPhone 4 in her night table from a few years ago. A while back she had dropped it in the toilet (I don’t understand why girls frequently drop their phones in the toilet?). She was up for an upgrade so she didn’t have to use her insurance to get a replacement. Her phone was water damaged; however it was still functioning. After she had dried it out, the phone would turn on but the screen’s colors were washed out.

Fast forward to a week ago. The phone was still sitting in our bedroom because she never realized that she could sell a broken cell phone. I decided that the phone has been collecting enough dust and it was time to earn a little bit of extra cash. The iPhone 4 is now very outdated. It is a white Apple iPhone 4 16 GB for AT&T. She still has the original Apple box and charger, however the Apple earphones are long gone.

I am writing this article as a guide for anyone that has an older cell phone or tablet and wants to sell it for extra cash. If you’ve been following my blog, you already know you can sell your used cell phones, but you may not have known that you can also sell your used devices that are broken.

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