Used Cell Phone Resources

Below is a list of all of my favorite tools to use to buy or sell your cell phone or tablet. I’ve also listed other services and products that I use to keep my phone secure and safe. I recommend all of the product/services listed below. As I come across additional tools that I think are helpful, I will add them to the list. So if you are an active phone trader, keep this page bookmarked.

Online MarketPlaces

  • eBay: The largest global marketplace for auctions and fixed-price sales. eBay has the largest inventory of used cell phones and also has the most interested buyers looking to buy a phone. For an example of hot to get the most money for your phone, see how I listed a phone on ebay. Two of my favorite Ebay blogs are The Ebay Entrepreneur and The Ebay Life Blog. Both of which represent the definite source for buying and selling on Ebay and provide many tips and tricks. Make sure you follow these if you plan on becoming a power seller.
  • Swappa: A new and upcoming marketplace for mobile devices including cell phones and tablets. Swappa only allows quality listings on their site and verifies all phones for sale are in working condition. Phones for sale are primarily located in the US but the website has expanded to several other countries including the United Kingdom. Swappa review here.
  • Amazon: A world-wide fixed-price marketplace for consumer to consumer transactions.
  • Glyde: An innovative marketplace for electronic devices that recommends prices to sell your phone quickly and provides pre-stamped packaging for sellers.

Offline Classifieds

  • Craigslist: The #1 classifieds website where you can list your phone or tablet for sale locally and accept cash in exchange for a local pickup. If you’re looking to make some serious money on craigslist, check out ReCraigslist. ReCraigslist is a blog about going from unemployed to a making a living full time from buying and selling on Craigslist. It is a great resource to learn about non-cellphone products that you can buy and sell for profit.

Online BuyBack Programs

  • uSell: A great resource that will aggregate all of the online offers for your mobile device in one place. You can select your cell phone and condition and uSell will show you how much cash all the BuyBack websites will offer you so you can find the best deal.
  • Gazelle: The largest buyback website that buys back electronic devices from consumers. See my review here.
  • Amazon Trade-in: You can send your used cell phone to a third-party merchant in exchange for an Gift Card. Check out my review.
  • BuyBackWorld: Another buyback website that will provide the seller with a pre-stamped package to ship their used cell phone in exchange for a cash offer.
  • Technollo: One of the newer phone recycle programs that offer cash for used mobile devices.


  • Rerware’s MyBackup Pro: This app will backup all of your data (including photos, calendar, settings, etc…) onto the cloud. You can then use this app to transfer all of your data onto a new phone. This app can only be used for Android phones.
  • LookOut: This app blocks viruses and malware and also can be used to lock your phone or locate it from a home computer. This a a great app to have in case your phone is stolen. This app is for the android operating system.


  • ESN Check: Before buying a phone, check the ESN to verify the phone isn’t stolen or blacklisted.
  • Movaluate: Check the value of your phone and see what it is being sold for.
  • Flipping Phones Ebook: This book will tell you everything you need to know to make an extra income from buying used cell phones for cheap and reselling them at a premium. I used this to get started, read my review here.
  • Ebay fee calculator: If you’re new to Ebay, it can be a bit confusing what the fees are. Use this tool to determine exactly how much it will cost you to sell your mobile device on the auction website.
  • UPS Shipping Calculator: Determine the cost to ship via UPS.
  • USPS Shipping Calculator: Shipping prices for USPS.
  • FedEx Shipping Calculator: FedEx shipping. Probably the most expensive option.
  • PayPal Protection Policy: Protect yourself as a buyer and a seller.


  • Kensington Water Rescue Kit: Save your water damaged phone and prevent permanent destruction. Keep on of these in your house, in your car, and in your suitcase so you can save your phone anywhere. See my review here. Check out my other tips on how to fix your water damaged cell phone. Don’t forget to act quickly when your phone gets wet.
  • SquareTrade: Provides insurance and a warranty for device failure from normal use as well as accident protection for portable devices. Read my review here.
  • iCracked: iCracked is a great service that has technicians all over the country that can fix your phone. They will also buy your broken phone from you and you can get a quote directly on their website. You can work from iCracked as part of your used cell phone business.


  • Make a living flipping used Phones: Great guide to get started, Covers the basics and advanced techniques to turn a profit buying and selling used cell phones. I highly recommend giving it a read if you are struggling.
  • eBay Selling Secrets For Massive Profits: This book doesn’t focus on used cell phones specifically but is a great guide on how to get the most out of your eBay listings. The process is the same, the book covers more than just used cell phones to make money from.
  • The Craigslist Hustle: A great guide on getting setup to make some extra cash from buying and selling using Craigslist a a tool. Awesome tips in this book.