Kensington EVAP Water Rescue Kit – A cost effective way to save your wet phone

With technology advances, some electronics are now being built with water resistant parts. If you don’t have an electronic device with this technology, then you’ll need to be ready in the event your phone or tablet becomes wet. Pools, oceans, stormy weather, and toilets are all enemies of your mobile devices.

If your phone gets wet, follow the instructions here. However, you should also keep the Kensington EVAP Water Rescue Kit around for an emergency recovery. Nobody plans on their phone getting wet. But when it does, you better be prepared. For the average consumer, the rescue kit can be your best friend.

Product Features

Kensington claims their kit is 700% more effective at removing moisture than rice. EVAP contains a unique drying agent that safely removes the moisture from sensitive electronics preventing damage while restoring use fast. Basically, this is a ziplock bag with silica gel packs in it.  You can reuse this multiple times.

Kensington Rescue Kit

How to use it

If your phone gets wet, act quickly. The sooner your respond, the better your chances of recovery. Also, don’t try to turn your phone on if the water damage turns it off. Leave it off so you don’t fry the system. If the phone is wet and still on, turn it off immediately. First, use a lint-free towel to dry the device off as much as you can. Next, open the EVAP pouch and remove the two silica pouches. Remove the battery cover (if your phone has one), remove the battery (if your phone has one), remove the SIM and the microSD card and then sandwich the device between the two pouches and put it back into the EVAP pouch and close it. Then wait 6-24 hours until the humidity indicator LED lights up to tell you your device is once again ready to use.

What I like about it

It is cheap and easy to keep around in case it is needed. Keep it in your house, car, or travel bag. It’s a great product to keep around if you have kids that aren’t careful with their electronics. Most people get impatient and try to turn on their phone too soon which causes it to be permanently damaged. The Kensington Rescue Kit has an indicator on the front of the bag which turns brown to let you know when the moisture has been removed and it’s safe to open the EVAP pouch and try to power on the phone. A $20 product is a lot cheaper than a few hundred dollars for a new phone.

What I don’t like about it

It isn’t as big as it should be to accommodate all mobile devices. All phones will probably fit as well as some smaller tablets. However, larger tablets will not fit in the bag. For $20, I expected larger pouch that could hold a device larger than 6 inches.

The True Test

My friend had an older Nokia Windows Phone that he was no longer using. We dumped it in a bowl of water for a few seconds and then took it out. The phone had completely shut itself off. We opened the Kensington Kit and put the phone into the pouch. Just to be safe we let it sit for 48 hours. After two days, we turned the phone on and it worked perfectly. We tested it again in a week and it still worked.


You could make one of these on your own, but nobody really takes the time to save up all those silica gel packs. Play it safe and keep one of these in your house.

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