Find Your Smartphone’s Fair Market Price With Swappa

It can be a bit difficult figuring out how much money your used mobile device is worth. There are many variables that affect the value, such as technology advances, the law of supply and demand, as well as the device’s perceived condition. That is why it doesn’t hurt to use a few tools to determine the top dollar that you can sell your cell phone or tablet for.

The challenge is to to sell your phone or tablet for as much money as you can, while the buyer is trying to get the best deal they can. In previous articles, I have reviewed tools provided by Movaluate and Ebay to determine your device’s market value. Now, there is a third tool that is useful and you can find it on Swappa. Not only can these tools be used by sellers, but they can be used by buyers to make sure you’re not overpaying for a device.

Comparing Pricing Data

Swappa is a mobile device marketplace and now provides real time sales analytics. Choose any phone on Swappa and in the far-right column it will show you a snapshot of the selling trends for that phone under the manufacturer specifications. Click “More Pricing Data” to view the full feature-set of the tool.

On the following page you will find statistics and graphs plotting the fair market price of the phone or tablet that you selected. At the top of the page, you have the option to choose from 3 currencies  (US Dollar, UK Sterling, Euro). At the moment these are the only 3 regions that the Swappa Marketplace is open to.

After selecting a currency, Swappa will provide three prices: Recent Average Price, Last Sold Price, and Lowest Current Price. These prices will help you determine what your device will actually sell for. If you are trying to sell your device for a price much more than the Recent Average Price it better be in perfect condition with several extra accessories otherwise you won’t have any interest from buyers. Remember fair market value means the seller gets what the device is worth and that the buyer doesn’t overpay.

Swappa Pricing

Below the pricing statistics is a line chart that graphically represents the pricing trends of the device over time. You can see if the phone is trending upward or downward in price (most of the time it is downward due to depreciation and newer devices released to the market). As I have mentioned throughout CellSolo, it is always best to sell your used cell phone or tablet as soon as you can before you lose out on lower selling prices.

There is also an additional table below the line chart that displays the average sales price for each trailing month.

Swappa Chart

Swappa Pricing Data vs. Ebay Tools

When comparing selling prices on Ebay, you can look at either the currently listed phones for sale or the already sold phones. You can also view these two categories for a specific device on the Swappa marketplace, except Swappa has a smaller sample size to look at. However, Swappa still provides a good look at how much money phones are selling for.

The difference between Ebay and Swappa’s analysis is that you can view these charts and statistics for every product on Swappa. While I have noticed similar charts for a few Ebay products, they are not standardized for every Ebay page and are difficult to find. Swappa provides a quick and easy pricing analysis tool that is more useful for the average Joe.

Swappa Pricing Data vs. Movaluate

Movaluate claims that their fair market appraisals are based on data collected from the millions of transactions made on online auction sites.  We can assume they are using Ebay’s data to generate their numbers.

  • Swappa provides multiple currencies while Movaluate only shows prices in US Dollars.
  • Movaluate provides data points specifically for the hard drive size and condition of the phone while Swappa does not allow you to adjust the analytics for these variables.
  • Movaluate provides additional data points such as price certainty, sales distribution, price frequency, number of sales, most frequent price, and price certainty.

Using The Best Tool

Fortunately, you’re not limited to using just one tool. To get the most money when selling your device, exhaust your due diligence process. The best method is to use Swappa, Ebay, and Movaluate to determine what your phone is worth. In fact, check out Craigslist while you’re at it, and take a look at what phones are being listed for.



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