Ebay Valet Selling Service

Ebay has a selling service for members, where you can use a valet to sell your used mobile devices. The service is supposed to make it easier for you to sell your used cell phones and tablets. Valets research listings for items like yours on eBay and are considered professional Ebay sellers. They look at items that have sold within the last 90 days. Based on this research, valets determine how to best list your items, including how to price them. Items are given multiple chances to sell on eBay for up to 2 weeks. When items are relisted, Valets reduce the price to increase the chances of selling. This sounds very similar to the “Sell It on Ebay” brick and mortar stores you see around town or in the movie The 40 Year Old Virgin. However, this is the Ebay branded version.

My concern is that the valet’s incentives are for a quick sale rather than the best price, if the behavior of existing bulk listers is anything to go by. These people are usually not especially knowledgeable about the items they sell and so have a poor grasp of pricing. However, I see this as a win win if you are too lazy to sell the device on your own. On the upside, used cell phones are in high demand and I believe this service will work better for electronics than specialty/unique items. The valet service is great for people who have a tendency to leave their old cell phones in the back of their closet or would normally sell it to a buyback website such as Gazelle. A friend of mine has a Nexus 10 that he no longer uses and it sits on his counter collecting dust. He doesn’t want to be bothered with the hassle of selling it himself on Ebay. The Ebay Valet service would be great for him.  Maybe you’re re just too busy to be selling on Ebay directly and it’s not worth your time. Are you a single mom with two kids and a full time job? Are you an office worker with 12 hour days, lots of weekend work, and barely any time to run errands? Are you frequently on the road for work? If you fit this category, then the Ebay Valet service may be the best option for you. Better to make a few bucks per used cell phone than none.

 How It Works

  1. Ebay sends you a box and prepaid postage.
  2. Put your used cell phone or tablet in the box and send it out. It will be delivered to an Ebay Valet.
  3. They Ebay valet will list your items for auction on Ebay. They take care of the pictures and description. They also are supposed to already have great feedback and track record.
  4. The Valet will send out your cell phone or tablet to the winning bidder and handle the transaction.
  5. You get 70% of the selling price, paid to you through PayPal.
  6. If items are not sold, you may either have them recycled or sent back to you for a fee.


  • Don’t worry about taking photos, pricing your items, or writing product descriptions.
  • You don’t have to deal with the cesspool that is being a seller on eBay. Scams and fraud will not be an issue you have to worry about.
  • The valet sellers will already have a high feedback score. Higher feedback means there will be more bids on your item.


  • You can’t set your own price, and you only get a two-week run. you have no control over pricing, photos or descriptions.
  • 30% commission on top of lower than market pricing in order to sell quickly.
  • This is a business for valets, they are trying to sell your phone but you most likely could sell it more on your own if you put in the time and effort.

Ebay Valet Mobile

There is also an Ebay Valet iPhone app. The app will allow you get an estimated price of what your phone or tablet will sell for through the service. You simply take a photo of the item and you will get an evaluation of the item. Unfortunately you can only send 4 items per day to be approved for them to sell. Even if every one of them isn’t accepted by Valet, once you reach your limit, they say you are out of quota and cannot send any more. If you’re going to give the new app a try, keep in mind that valets won’t sell anything in poor condition, worth less than $40, heavier than 25 pounds, breakable, media, license or codes, clothing or high-value items that require authentication.

Ebay Valet Mobile App

Ebay Valet vs Gazelle

Ebay Valet takes the same amount of time and effort as Gazelle to sell your used cell phone so lets take a look at which service will make you more money. Currently, Gazelle offers $330 for a 32GB Verizon Apple iPhone 5s. Alternatively, the same phone is being sold on Ebay for an average of $549. According to Movaluate, the selling range is from $537 to $569. So lets assume that you used the Ebay Valet network and they sold your phone at the low side of the range of $537. After the 30% Ebay Valet fee, you are left with $375. Therefore, I would recommend selling with Ebay Valet over Gazelle.

Ebay Valet vs Selling Yourself on Ebay

After the above analysis, we determined that the Ebay Valet service could generate $375 in profit for the iPhone. However, if you sold it yourself on Ebay you could get closer to the average fair market price of $549. If you sell the phone yourself, you would have to pay the Ebay fee of 10% ($54.90) and the PayPal fee 2.9% + $0.30 ($13.97). then you would have to pay the shipping fees of approximately $10. At the end, you are left with $470.13 which is significantly more than what you would have if you used Ebay Valet. Therefore, unless you’re very lazy or busy, I recommend selling your cell phone directly on Ebay yourself rather than using the Ebay Valet Service.

The big question is, how much money are items selling through the Ebay Valet service. Are Ebay Valets selling phones and tablets for the fair market price? Let us know what your experience has been.

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