Kensington EVAP Water Rescue Kit – A cost effective way to save your wet phone

With technology advances, some electronics are now being built with water resistant┬áparts. If you don’t have an electronic device with this technology, then you’ll need to be ready in the event your phone or tablet becomes wet. Pools, oceans, stormy weather, and toilets are all enemies of your mobile devices.

If your phone gets wet, follow the instructions here. However, you should also keep the Kensington EVAP Water Rescue Kit around for an emergency recovery. Nobody plans on their phone getting wet. But when it does, you better [Read more…]

Insure Your Cell Phone With A SquareTrade Warranty

Cell phones have become one of the most used gadgets by consumers; in the US just about every person you interact with has a cell phone. More recently, owning a high-end and expensive cell phone that has the newest technology has become the norm. If you aren’t carrying an iPhone or the newest Android device, you are behind.

We buy the best phones that can accomplish almost everything that our computers can, and we use them for work to playing entertaining games. However, these phones can be pricey and we pay for them in our expensive monthly wireless bills which most of us are required to pay for at least 24 months per contract. But what happens when your brand new iPhone breaks, is stolen, or is lost? I’m not referring to lost in your couch, I’m talking about lost as in you left it on the bus to work and will probably never see it again.

When you buy a new cell phone and extend your wireless contract, you only have to pay a reduced subsidized price for your cell phone. However, to buy a replacement cellphone outright, it can very expensive. Almost all smartphones are several hundred dollars, some close to a thousand. I personally don’t [Read more…]

Swappa: An Online Marketplace For Gently Used Cell Phones

Ebay has always been the place to sell your used cell phones through auctions and Buy It Now sales. However, Swappa is a new marketplace where you can buy and sell used mobile devices including cell phones and tablets. Swappa does not feature auctions, but instead features fixed-pricing listings.

Ben Edwards (Swappa founder), originally created the website in 2010 specifically for the Android-user community, but has since expanded it to include all devices such as iPhones and Windows phones. Swappa still features modified phones including jailbroken iPhones and rooted Google phones. In fact, it is the official marketplace for [Read more…]

Amazon Trade-In Program Full Review

Just like several other online buyback programs, Amazon allows consumers to trade-in their electronics. A few months ago I reviewed my experience with, and I figured it was time to test one of their competitors. Amazon offers the same service, you select the phone you want to trade in, Amazon shows you an offer, if you like the offer then you mail them your device.

For my Gazelle experiment, I tested their service with my girlfriend’s old iPhone 4. I didn’t have any extra used iPhones around to use for Amazon so I decided to trade in an iPad 2. I received the iPad a few years ago as a gift but I barely use it. I could see myself using it often if I flew frequently, however I rarely fly when traveling. I use my Macbook Pro at home and my iPhone on the go.

Amazon allows you to trade in all sorts of electronic devices. To begin, go to [Read more…]

Selling My Phone On Gazelle

Gazelle is arguably one of the most popular buyback websites for consumers to sell their electronics for cash. We’ve seen their commercials, we’ve seen their internet ads, and I’m now going to give you a review of my first-hand experience with the company. Before I review their service, lets take a quick look at Gazelle’s business model.

Cash For Electronics

Gazelle is a simple concept; the company pays cash for used electronics and gadgets. Most importantly to me, Gazelle will buy back used cell phones. Your first question might be “Why would they be interested in purchasing a two-year old cell phone?” At first look, it seems like a dead-end business. But what you may not realize is that Gazelle is simply using arbitrage to their advantage. You and I (the consumer), may not want to go through the trouble of selling our mobile devices on an auction website. As an alternative, Gazelle offers a specific cash value for each cell phone model, which is a quick and convenient method for the average consumer to sell their phone. Once you sell your phone to Gazelle, you are done with the deal. What you don’t know is that Gazelle takes your phone and then resells it on the open market for a higher price; in fact, Gazelle has an eBay Store.

Gazelle’s Offer

At the time of this experiment I didn’t have an extra phone to sell to Gazelle to test their services with. My girlfriend had just upgraded to an iPhone 5 so her previous iPhone 4 was up for grabs. I asked her if she would be interested in letting me sell her iPhone 4 to Gazelle for the purpose of this review and she agreed as long as the check from Gazelle was written in her name. I’m actually doing her a favor because that phone probably would have sat in her bedside drawer forever; my girlfriend never sold her older cell phones.

When you first arrive on Gazelle’s homepage, you can [Read more…]