How To Erase All Content And Factory Reset Android Devices

If you are going to sell your used Android phone you should erase all of your private data and restore it to the original factory settings. You should also do this if you bought a used phone that still has the previous owner’s information. You can wipe the data on both used Android cell phones and tablets. Additionally, your phone may be operating very slowly and you’ll want delete all the unnecessary data that is bogging it down.

The important thing here is that you don’t want [Read more…]

How To Buy Mobile Phones And Other Devices From Gazelle is most known as a website where you can trade-in your used cell phone or any other electronic device for cash. If you’ve read my Gazelle reviews, you already know that the company makes the trade-in process simple by sending you a prepaid shipping box for your mobile phone and will quickly send you back cash via check or PayPal after they approve the device.

What you probably didn’t know about Gazelle is that they also sell used phones. Think about it, they buy back all these mobile phones from consumers. They must be reselling these phones otherwise they would be out of business. So where are all of these phones available for sale? They certainly are not listed for sale on Gazelle’s website.

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How To Fix Your Cell Phone If It Gets Wet

I’ve noticed that many of the used cell phones that I’ve sold on Craigslist are bought by people who broke their phone when they accidentally dropped their phone in some form of liquid. Many buyers are in the emergency-I-need-a-phone-ASAP mode and are more likely to pay top dollar for a used phone. I’ve made the most money from people who can’t survive without their iPhone and need a replacement the same day they broke their original phone.

Many people who have submerged their phones in water or any other type of liquid don’t know what to do. Their first instinct is to dry it off with a paper towel and try to turn it on to see if it works. For most people it won’t turn on at all or will turn on for about a second and then immediately shut off. This is the worst thing you can do if your phone gets wet, and I hope you have found and read this article before you do that. If this hasn’t ever happened to you, do yourself a favor and bookmark this page.

Meanwhile, there are other people who have heard a few rumors that putting your phone in a bowl of rice will fix the phone. Although your chances are better if you do this, there is a better alternative that [Read more…]

How To Erase Your iPhone and iPad Before You Sell It

A new phone was just released, and you’re eligible for an upgrade. Of course you’re going to sell your old phone for some extra cash. Or maybe you decided your iPad was too big to travel with so you bought an iPad mini. If you’re no longer going to use your old device, sell it. Check out my resources page for a selection of websites to sell your used cell phones and tablets.

If you are going to sell your used iPhone or tablet, you should delete all of your personal data and preferences and restore it to the default factory settings. Your mobile device will most likely contain all of your saved personal information such as emails, text messages, passwords, pictures, and video. The last thing you want is for the new owner of your used phone to have access to your Facebook account or to see pictures that probably should have been sent using snap chat. You don’t want to hand over all your digital secrets to a stranger. If you are selling your Apple iPhone or iPad, make sure you TURN OFF the ‘Find My iPhone’ feature before you give it to the new owner. If you don’t, they will not be able to activate it without you.

Delete iPad

The buyer is going to want to receive your used phone or tablet just as it comes directly from Apple. The buyer isn’t interested in your customized settings. They don’t want to see your customized wallpaper everyday or have to listen to your music. Not everyone enjoys hearing Miley Cyrus’ top hits.

Selling your device isn’t the only reason to delete all of your data and settings. If you need to send your phone in to Apple for repairs, you may want to remove your personal data. You can always restore the phone’s data when you get it back. Also, if you’re phone isn’t functioning correctly, Apple may [Read more…]

How To Make A Living Selling Used Cell Phones

The cell phone industry is booming, everyone I know these days has a smartphone. Just a few years ago, only a few of my friends, family, and coworkers had an iPhone. Not only does every US consumer have the newest technology in their pocket, they can’t wait to upgrade to an even newer phone. I remember when I would use a flip “dumbphone” until it broke.

Just like any other guy, I work a nine to five job. However, I wanted a second source of income on the side. In the last few years I started to take advantage of the cell phone industry’s growth and began researching arbitrage opportunities from buying and selling used cell phones. A friend recommended that I read an ebook called Cell Phone Resale back in 2011. This book gave me the motivation and resources to get started with making some extra cash flipping phones on the secondary market.

Just last month, I sold a total of 21 phones for an average profit of $77 per phone. I did all of this in the time I had after my [Read more…]

Sell Your Used Cell Phones On Facebook And Twitter

You may not be comfortable selling your used cell phone on a marketplace such as eBay or Craigslist, so you might want to try listing your phone on a social network, such as Facebook or Twitter. Google Plus is also another viable option; however, it doesn’t have as many users yet so you may have more difficulty here. It doesn’t hurt to try selling on all three networks since it won’t cost you a dime. [Read more…]

The Complete Guide to Selling Your Used Cell Phone

Upgrading Your Cell Phone

Most consumers in the US upgrade to a new cell phone once every year two years. Although most of us don’t need and won’t use the latest in mobile technology, a majority of subscribers will purchase the newest iPhone or Google phone as soon as they are eligible for an upgrade from their mobile service provider.

When your contract is up (usually 2 years), you are eligible for “upgrade pricing” on a new phone. Upgrade pricing is the price that is shown when you look at the mobile service provider’s web site and the price is in big letters. The price of the new phone will vary from “Free” to over $200, depending on what phone you choose to get. If you upgrade your phone, you will be required to sign a new contract to get that pricing (generally 2 years).

The reason for the contract is that the phone company is paying part (or all, in the case of a “Free” phone) of the price of the phone in exchange for “locking” you into your current plan for the next 2 years. Part of every bill you are paying goes to that cost of the phone. If you are using your phone “out of contract” the phone companies LOVE it, because [Read more…]