How I Made Over $1,000 In A Week Buying And Selling Used Cell Phones

I can say I’ve sold my fair share of used cell phones. I have a day job, and flip phones on the side when I have the time. Yes, you can probably make some decent money if you dedicate the time and effort doing this full-time. However, having the security of a paycheck from a day job is nice.

I receive many emails every week from readers with all sorts of questions from asking about a specific listing on Ebay or to some of the techniques I use to get a good price on Craigslist. I also have received messages from a few people that struggle to find the time to flip phones on the side and have asked for advice.

The truth is, you can [Read more…]

How To Buy A Phone On Craigslist For Less Than Market Value

If you’re buying a new or used cell phone for your personal needs or are interested in flipping phones for a profit, you still have the same goal. Find a phone that is in excellent condition and get a great deal on it. To accomplish that goal, it helps to [Read more…]

How to sell your used Cell Phone on Craigslist – Case Study

In my previous guides, you probably read about how I prefer to sell phones on Craigslist to Ebay. It’s about time I wrote a walk-through of my exact Craigslist selling process from start to finish. In early November, Verizon Wireless notified me that I was eligible to [Read more…]

How To Check If An iPhone or iPad Is Stolen Before You Buy?

Due to the high demand and rising costs of mobile devices, we live in a world where stealing smartphones has become a lucrative business for thieves. However, we are getting closer to the point where stealing someone else’s phone will be useless for a thief. For quite some time now, we have had the ability to lock, track on a map/GPS, and even wipe the data from a stolen smartphone. Fortunately, this has helped to deter someone from stealing a phone.

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How To Disable ‘Find My iPhone’ Before You Sell

The ‘Find My iPhone’ feature is great for Apple products because it allows you to prevent a thief from activating your device. This makes stolen iPhones useless. However, if you are selling your iPhone, you must disable the ‘Find My iPhone’ feature before you transfer the device to the new owner. iPhones and iPads with Find My iPhone enabled can not be activated by someone else unless the feature is turned off. Even if you [Read more…]

How To Clear Your Data From Your Mobile Windows Device (Phones and Tablets)

Before selling your phone, make sure you delete all of your personal and private data from your Windows operating system device. Lets be honest, we all have some pictures saved on our phones that should have been sent and already erased with SnapChat. And the last thing you want is for the buyer of your cell phone to have access to your social media accounts. Therefore, I highly recommend that you [Read more…]

Are You Eligible For A Phone Upgrade From Your Wireless Provider? Sell it!

Most wireless subscribers are due for a discounted cell phone upgrade once every two years. However, not everyone has the desire to upgrade their cellular device. Some consumers are perfectly fine with the older model device that they own and don’t need all of the latest bells and whistles that the newer cell phones offer. For example, I have [Read more…]

How To Build A Website For Your Used Cell Phone Business

In a previous article, wrote a guide on how to make a living buying and selling used cell phones. Yes, it is possible to earn a full-time salary from flipping phones. If you’re less ambitious, you can still earn some side income from flipping used cell phones.

You can find great deals to buy and sell phones on Ebay, Craigslist, and Swappa. These three sources will create the best arbitrage opportunities for your business. However, at some point you may want to open up to new markets and increase your sales.

Many businesses already do this. For example, look at some of the top online buyback websites such as Gazelle, Technollo, and BuybackWorld. These businesses are setup to offer consumers cash for their used cell phones. The consumer mails in their phone, and the business sends them a check after they inspect it.

Building a website allows you to expand your brand and gain trust as well as online recognition. Even if you are still conducting most of your business on eBay and Craigslist, by labeling your ads with your brand name and a website, consumers are more likely to trust you. Lets face it, a stranger on Craigslist will be more comfortable selling you their cell phone and meeting up with you if you have a website explaining who you are and your services. This guide is meant for [Read more…]

Search Ebay’s Ended Auctions To Determine Your Phone’s Value

When selling a used cell phone or tablet, it is important to know the fair value price of your device. This simply means that you want to determine what your device is worth on the buyers market and how much cash someone is willing to give you in exchange.

Buying and selling used cell phones is almost like a game. As a seller, you want to sell your mobile device for as much cash as you can. And on the other side of the transaction, the buyer wants to buy your mobile device for as little as possible. In order for a deal to be completed, both sides will have to meet somewhere in the middle.

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How I Sold My Girlfriend’s Water Damaged iPhone 4 On eBay

My girlfriend recently found an older iPhone 4 in her night table from a few years ago. A while back she had dropped it in the toilet (I don’t understand why girls frequently drop their phones in the toilet?). She was up for an upgrade so she didn’t have to use her insurance to get a replacement. Her phone was water damaged; however it was still functioning. After she had dried it out, the phone would turn on but the screen’s colors were washed out.

Fast forward to a week ago. The phone was still sitting in our bedroom because she never realized that she could sell a broken cell phone. I decided that the phone has been collecting enough dust and it was time to earn a little bit of extra cash. The iPhone 4 is now very outdated. It is a white Apple iPhone 4 16 GB for AT&T. She still has the original Apple box and charger, however the Apple earphones are long gone.

I am writing this article as a guide for anyone that has an older cell phone or tablet and wants to sell it for extra cash. If you’ve been following my blog, you already know you can sell your used cell phones, but you may not have known that you can also sell your used devices that are broken.

When selling a used mobile device, broken or working, the three factors I consider [Read more…]