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Buying A Used Phone From Ebay Versus Gazelle

In 2014, Gazelle opened a store where you can buy certified pre-owned cell phones and tablets. You can now buy gently used devices directly from Gazelle without any contracts from a wireless provider. Gazelle performs a 30-point quality inspection on every device and provides a 30-day return policy. Many consumers must be wondering, should I buy a used mobile device from Gazelle or Ebay?


Buying From Ebay

The great thing about Ebay is that you can ask the original owner questions and can see real pictures of the actual device you are buying. Additionally, you can find devices that come with all of their original boxing and cables. There is the possibility of fraud on Ebay if you’re not careful; however, you can use PayPal to buy a device from Ebay. PayPal offers a Purchase Protection Policy. You should also keep in mind that some sellers on Ebay won’t have a return policy. If this is the case, make sure you plan on keeping the phone. Keep a look out for free shipping deals on Ebay which are common, versus Gazelle which will charge you to ship a phone from their store.

Buying From Gazelle

Gazelle is a company that relies on customer service; therefore you don’t have to worry about fraud. Their inspection will make you feel better about the reliability of the phone you are buying, and if something goes wrong, they have a return policy. One limitation to Gazelle’s store is that they currently only offer used iPhones, iPads, and Galaxy devices. If you’re looking to buy a used phone or tablet outside of this selection, you’ll have to look elsewhere. While searching throughout Gazelle’s devices for sale, you can filter by wireless carrier. Then when you select the device, you can see if Gazelle considers the phone’s condition as “good” or “like new”. Gazelle’s definition of Certified Good is “The screen is very good. There may be scuffs and scratches on the side or back. It’s nothing that a cover can’t hide.” The Certified Like New requirements are “You’d never know it was pre-owned. Looks like it came right out of the original box.” They should add the option to filter their view of all devices by “like new” or “good” so you don’t have to click on each individual device to see the condition. Gazelle ships all of their devices with a USB cable and charger.

Which Is The Best Deal

You can find slightly better prices on Ebay because there are more sellers on the marketplace versus Gazelle. However, if you’re going to shop on Ebay you’ll have to investigate the seller and listing to make sure you won’t get ripped off. Gazelle provides a less risky sale if you’re not comfortable using Ebay. Gazelle Certified offers a good value to buyers with big savings over buying on a contract, a known seller and a return policy that lets users test the device, see the condition and buy with confidence.

On April 11th, 2015, the average price of an iPhone 5S 16Gb (Verizon) is $299 on Ebay versus $309 from Gazelle.


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How To Check If An iPhone or iPad Is Stolen Before You Buy?

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