My name is Stephen, and I decided there should be a guide for buying and selling secondhand cell phones.  In 2008, just after renewing a Verizon Wireless contract, I fell victim to a water-damaged phone.  Without insurance, Verizon’s unsubsidized price to replace the phone was several hundred dollars.  A simple accident became an expensive problem.  At this point, I started researching my options.

I decided to buy a slightly used cell phone on eBay for a quarter of the cost that Verizon Wireless would have charged me for a brand new replacement. From then on I learned my lesson and invested in a mobile insurance plan. However, I believe there needed to be more information out there for people who are in a similar situation. I created this website to help anyone that needs to buy a used cell phone from another consumer and also to teach you how to sell a used phone.

Once you learn about the used cell phone market, you’ll realize you can make some extra pocket money from it. Every two years I upgrade my phone with Verizon, I sell my old phone for cash. I’ve always sold my old phone for more money than the price I pay to upgrade to a new phone, which means I profit from the trade. I think everyone else can do this too, so read as much as you can on the site and sell your old cell phones and mobile devices while their value is highest.