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5 Tips For Flipping Used Cell Phones

If you’re new to flipping cell phones, you probably need some motivation to get started. Here are some tips I learned over the years. [Read more…]

Kensington EVAP Water Rescue Kit – A cost effective way to save your wet phone

With technology advances, some electronics are now being built with water resistantĀ parts. If you don’t have an electronic device with this technology, then you’ll need to be ready in the event your phone or tablet becomes wet. Pools, oceans, stormy weather, and toilets are all enemies of your mobile devices.

If your phone gets wet, follow the instructions here. However, you should also keep the Kensington EVAP Water Rescue Kit around for an emergency recovery. Nobody plans on their phone getting wet. But when it does, you better [Read more…]

How I Made Over $1,000 In A Week Buying And Selling Used Cell Phones

I can say I’ve sold my fair share of used cell phones. I have a day job, and flip phones on the side when I have the time. Yes, you can probably make some decent money if you dedicate the time and effort doing this full-time. However, having the security of a paycheck from a day job is nice.

I receive many emails every week from readers with all sorts of questions from asking about a specific listing on Ebay or to some of the techniques I use to get a good price on Craigslist. I also have received messages from a few people that struggle to find the time to flip phones on the side and have asked for advice.

The truth is, you can [Read more…]

4 Reasons To Unlock Your Phone

Most people don’t realize that their phone is locked to their wireless carrier. This means that the phone technically has the capabilities to work with other wireless carriers, but until it is unlocked, it is limited to [Read more…]

How To Buy A Phone On Craigslist For Less Than Market Value

If you’re buying a new or used cell phone for your personal needs or are interested in flipping phones for a profit, you still have the same goal. Find a phone that is in excellent condition and get a great deal on it. To accomplish that goal, it helpsĀ to [Read more…]