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Ebay Valet Selling Service

Ebay has a selling service for members, where you can use a valet to sell your used mobile devices. The service is supposed to make it easier for you to sell your used cell phones and tablets. Valets research listings for items like yours on eBay and are considered professional Ebay sellers. They look at items that have sold within the last 90 days. Based on this research, valets determine how to best list your items, including how to price them. Items are given multiple chances to sell on eBay for up to 2 weeks. When items are relisted, Valets reduce the price to increase the chances of selling. This sounds very similar to the “Sell It on Ebay” brick and mortar stores you see around town or in the movie The 40 Year Old Virgin. However, this is the Ebay branded version. [Read more…]

How To Clear Your Data From Your Mobile Windows Device (Phones and Tablets)

Before selling your phone, make sure you delete all of your personal and private data from your Windows operating system device. Lets be honest, we all have some pictures saved on our phones that should have been sent and already erased with SnapChat. And the last thing you want is for the buyer of your cell phone to have access to your social media accounts. Therefore, I highly recommend that you [Read more…]

Five Reasons To Sell Your Mobile Device to Gazelle

Yes, I know, I sound like a hypocrite because I sell most of my phones on Ebay and Craigslist. However, I do believe that Gazelle is the best option for some people. First, lets look at what Gazelle is. As an electronics buyback company, you can go on Gazelle’s website, select the type of phone you want to sell and they will make you an instant offer. If you agree to the offer, they will send you a paid postage box to ship your phone to them in. Then they send you the cash via PayPal or check. You can do this for both cell phones, tablets, and many other electronic devices. What they don’t tell you is that they will then resell your mobile device for a profit. Mostly they resell devices through sites like eBay or, or through wholesalers.

The way I see it, Gazelle is [Read more…]