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Sell Your Cell Phone For Extra Cash To Buy Christmas Gifts

Christmas is a stressful and hectic time, and shopping for gifts can be very expensive. It can be difficult to save money while you are doing it. If you are stressed about finding the money to get your shopping done, you may want to follow these tips to make Christmas shopping easier for you this year. With careful planning, you will be able to stick to your budget and get your shopping done with relative ease. If you need extra money, you can sell your used cell phone if you have an old one lying around.

The best way to save money if you are shopping online is to use [Read more…]

Insure Your Cell Phone With A SquareTrade Warranty

Cell phones have become one of the most used gadgets by consumers; in the US just about every person you interact with has a cell phone. More recently, owning a high-end and expensive cell phone that has the newest technology has become the norm. If you aren’t carrying an iPhone or the newest Android device, you are behind.

We buy the best phones that can accomplish almost everything that our computers can, and we use them for work to playing entertaining games. However, these phones can be pricey and we pay for them in our expensive monthly wireless bills which most of us are required to pay for at least 24 months per contract. But what happens when your brand new iPhone breaks, is stolen, or is lost? I’m not referring to lost in your couch, I’m talking about lost as in you left it on the bus to work and will probably never see it again.

When you buy a new cell phone and extend your wireless contract, you only have to pay a reduced subsidized price for your cell phone. However, to buy a replacement cellphone outright, it can very expensive. Almost all smartphones are several hundred dollars, some close to a thousand. I personally don’t [Read more…]

Top 10 Ways to Keep Your Cell Phone in the Best Condition

If you just bought a brand new cell phone from your wireless carrier, make sure you keep your phone in the best condition to get the highest price when you sell it after your next upgrade.

A used cell phone that is in like-new mint condition will sell for the most money. I you’re selling your phone on eBay or Craigslist, you’ll be competing with a lot of other sellers. Make sure your phone looks and feels just like it did when your first bought it. The following is a list of the top 10 ways to [Read more…]

Top 5 FAQs For Selling Used Cell Phones

1. Where Can I get the most money for my used cell phone?

You can get the most cash from selling your used cell phone from Craigslist. The runner-up is eBay; however, eBay has selling fees as well as PayPal transaction fees. There aren’t any fees associated with selling your phone on Craigslist. You should be able to sell your phone for the same amount on Craigslist as you would on eBay. The downside of Craigslist is that you will have to filter through all the spam responses you receive and low-ball offers to find legitimate buyers. Additionally, you will have to meet the buyer in person to make the exchange. I recommend you meet the buyer at a public place such as a shopping mall. The best place to meet is at a wireless store, such as as the Verizon Store so the buyer can activate the phone on their account at the same time of the exchange.

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How To Buy Mobile Phones And Other Devices From Gazelle is most known as a website where you can trade-in your used cell phone or any other electronic device for cash. If you’ve read my Gazelle reviews, you already know that the company makes the trade-in process simple by sending you a prepaid shipping box for your mobile phone and will quickly send you back cash via check or PayPal after they approve the device.

What you probably didn’t know about Gazelle is that they also sell used phones. Think about it, they buy back all these mobile phones from consumers. They must be reselling these phones otherwise they would be out of business. So where are all of these phones available for sale? They certainly are not listed for sale on Gazelle’s website.

The secret is that there is a [Read more…]